New Artwork: Wynn

  I’ve been a little productive… ok, let me not jinx this. I’ve been inspired by fashion bloggers lately. I think it has to do with the outfits. Many might not know this about me, but high school for me was straight up Fashion Illustration. That is, until I thought I was all grown and started cutting class. Any way, I’ve been feeling all these outfits, and I’ve been playing around with color schemes that POP!
This piece was inspired by @ann.wynn and her gorgeous figure. In my opinion, her hips stole the show. This digital painting gave me a bit of a hassle with the fabric around her crotch. I wanted to show the highlights of the thighs, and I gotta say, I think I nailed it. I can feel my work growing. I look at old pieces and I’m like damn
Oh, and before I forget.. I’ll be showcasing my work alongside a few artists soon. So please stay posted for that news coming soon!

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