Cuba: She Eats by the Seashore

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Mini Illustrations by the beach.

 The bathing suits are on. Our ride is here and we made our way to Santa Maria.  A beautiful beach 20 Kilometers away lined with pine and coconut trees, recommended by our taxi driver. The drive was quick and we drove by El Malecon again, this time watching the calm waters, nothing like yesterday. Jovani has been extremely helpful and more than patient. He gives us a few back stories on all the things we pass, when we arrive he parks his green Chevy and tells us he’ll be waiting for us whenever we’re ready.cuba beach, santa maria, playa santa maria, cuba

  The view is glorious. The blue sky matches the water beautifully. The sand is so soft in between my toes. There’s small huts and we grab some chairs. I decided to be a diva today and put on my see through maxi skirt over my suit. The skirt flowed in the wind, and the winds were strong. No matter though, the sun was beaming, Olivia was already laying down with her back and her ass towards the rays. Her family kept saying how pale they are, and when the do catch a tan it usually starts off red, like a lobster. Yeah, I don’t have that problem. I’m not much of a tanner, I love my sunblock, but if the sun decided to catch up to me accidentally, then I know I’ll be blessed with a nice bronze. No complaints, beach, cuba, guitar, singer

  I order a piña colada, and in time I make my way to the water. It’s refreshing, there are no stones abusing my feet, I’m in love.

  After I went to the doctor appointment  before my trip, I’ve been trying so hard to make better choices with my meal decisions. It’s not easy , I love red meat, and as a Latina, I love myself some adobo. I decided to go to with the red snapper, the rice and frijoles con maduros. Either than the sand that was blowing towards my plate, my dish was delicious. The couple in the next hut  asked if my dish was any good. Yes. When reading (and doing meticulously reading) I got the impression that Cuban food was not that good. Since most of their agriculture is based on tobacco, their food doesn’t have much spice… I had my plate and I cant complain, my high cholesterol thanks you. The fish was still edible, even though the wind kept blowing the rice away from my fork, and the sand into my plate. Still worth it. old school car, chevrolet, chevy, cuba