Mood Board: Energy Healing, Inner Peace

Statistics say it takes 21 days for a habit to form?

Personally I’m stuck somewhere in the middle. In case you missed my resolutions post, you can see that HERE. My list wasn’t long, and it’s not something that I size being extremely difficult to do.
My list is more of a state of mind.
2017 is more of a journey of self discovery. For one thing, I’ve focused on the love life aspect of my life for far too long. I had my first boyfriend at 16 years young, and every since then, the distractions have always been around.

If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you will know, that I once engaged. That didn’t end anywhere near close to how I want it to go. I still wish him well, and it’s been about 4 years since I’ve seen or spoken to him, and I’m okay with that. I vowed not to date again, unless it was one person. He was always my “what if?” He was the only exception, and though I didn’t persue the cause, it ended up happening, and I felt a love I never had before. Still do.

At this point in my life, I’m back to where I started, or at least I thought I was. But as heart broken as I am, I know deep down in my heart, that I can’t give myself completely to someone else, unless I learn to value myself first.

The grandest relationship I will, or anyone else will have is with themselves. I am, my biggest priority.

So what’s my habit, the one that I’ve been working on?
Working on myself is the habit. Not only do I need to start taking care of myself physivslly, my health needs some work. But mentally. I want to ooze positivity. Have an optimistic view on life, see the best in people and be 100% content with my energy.

This mood board is inspired by the Chakra. I’ve been doing some reading and I’m teaching myself the ways of the spiritual power. Out of the 7 points, right now I’m relating to both the crown and sacral chakra.

People who relate to the crown chakra are usually questioning existence, are confused and feel a dissconnection. When off balance there may be depression, and an inability to learn. The crown chakra regulates the connection of the universe, wisdom and spirituality. When in balance you live with a strong trust in your inner guidance.

The sacral chakra is linked to compulsiveness, loneliness and dependence.When off balance we feel jealousy, guilt, possessiveness and shame of our bodies, When in balance this chakra regulates creativity, openness and sexual energy. It brings is grace, flexibility, a depth of feeling and a fulfillment of creativity.

Isn’t that great? Dissecting the healing powers of your own energy. I advice everyone to read more about positive affirmations. Bring into reality your visualizations.
I have a long way to go, and I’m looking forward to this journey of of self discovery and inner balance.

So on this 21st of January, I’m asking you guys, how are your resolutions going so far?