Minnewaska State Park

Today was marvelous.  I had the chance to speak to the sky.
I’m so motivated to turn this bad rut around. My stress level has been through the roof with all the loss of my grandmother, my cousin Cesar, the loss of a love life. It can get to anybody. And apparently it has. My doctor warmed me that my blood pressure is through the roof. I have to start taking care of myself a bit more…ok, a lot more.

But with losses also comes gain. I’m gaining family members (my nieces and nephew), I’m creating more. I’ve been so dedicated on working on myself and simply being self content.
A friend Joel, who’ve known online for quite some time, invited me on one of his hikes. Something he loves to do and has done for years, frequently. I was nervous.
Last time I was on a mountain, it was Hunter Mountain for a snowboarding trip. I busted my ass badly, many times. This time I wouldn’t be on a board, so I wanted to invest in some good hiking boots, which I fell in love with.
We arrived at Minnewaska State Park. The trails that we were getting ready to walk through were filled with snow. The trees were dark, mostly empty but still gorgeous. Hmm, kinda reminded me of someone I know. Meeting Joel was sweet. How many people can say, Oh, the first time we met it was on a hike, a 4 hour hike, where I was complaining like crazy towards the end?
Joel has so many wonderful ideas creatively. It only made me so excited for growth. Surrounding yourself with others who trigger you to be creatively aware of yourself, is an admirable trait.
I started this new year in such a refreshing way. Every time I took a breath, my lungs were filled with clean crisp air. I felt awake, re-newed.
Once we arrive at the top, that view was everything.
I for one, am scared heights, and even though looking down was intimidating, the chilling scene was breathtaking. I was trying to grasp and embrace every single part of that moment.I was so glad the trail back down the mountain was easier than the hike up, I was dying towards the end. When we reached the final point, and I saw the car I knew it was over. I was relieved that I didn’t have to keep walking, but it was love hate feeling.
I felt so accomplished, I felt liberated, like daaaaamn, I did this, and that felt so good! Some photographs taken by @jumbojoel_