This Year

Dear 2016,

You’ve been rough, You’ve thrown many obstacles my way, tried to bring me down. Somehow, someway I’ve surpassed them all. I’ve lost loved ones, I’ve lost jobs, I’ve had my heart broken, I’ve lost my patience, but I’ve gained so much more.
This year, I’ve learned my own self worth, I’ve mended friendships, I found a job I love walking into, I’ve opened up my heart and helped others. My family had grown closer together, I’ve traveled and had experiences I would never forget. Like sharing a kiss with my love at the Eiffel Tower, enjoying a flamenco dancer in Spain, making homemade forts in the middle of my living room, I’ve gotten better at my photography, I’ve gained a new sister, shedding a tear the first time holding my niece, volunteered, taking my first girl’s trip, I’ve gone to many art installations, and the list goes on and on.
This year, I’ve invested in me, my craft. I know that the future can only hold better tomorrow’s. I hope this year you all have grown into better versions of yourselves.
Goodbye 2016.


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