Making the Best Out of This Sad Christmas

Our family has been dealing with yet another loss, and we’re all heart broken. Right before Thanksgiving my abuela Magaly passed away. She was the glue to it all.
It’s Christmas Eve and I get the news of yet another tragedy. My  cousin Cesar is gone. I can’t even express the pain. Especially the way he went out. I call my mother and she’s already on her way to the airport, hoping she can test her luck at a last minute flight to Santo Domingo.
I do some hunting of my own and give her the details on a plane that leaves in 2 hours. She got it. I’m still on the hunt for some tickets  myself. My mind is off in Dominican Republic, but physically, I’m stuck in New York City. I put on a brave face, and head off to meet my brother. I’m missing my cousin and I hate that I’m not over there with mi tia and mi abuela, but I’m here now. This is Harlie’s first Christmas, and we have to try to enjoy ourselves any way we can.
Harlie Alexa looks adorable in her Christmas onesie. She’s officially 2 weeks old, and is still so tiny. Our night in was pretty mellow. We watched about 5 Christmas movies, ordered some pizza and just spent the whole day in pajamas.
Taimaine’s Sully from Monster’s Inc. looked so cute on her, Kiki picked a great gift to get her.
My sister Julissa came over with her boo Mauricio, and I was so happy to see her. We don’t really get to see each other often since we’re so busy with life, and are stretched on opposites boroughs. Ever since she announced her pregnancy, she’s been going through so much nausea. I kept giving her hugs all night.
My dad was super sick and spent the whole time in bed, recovering  from the flu. I guess the robe I got him came in handy when he finally showed face for about 2 minutes.  This Christmas was not my favorite. The whole day I tried to stay distracted and held my tears in as long as I could. I cracked once I was in the car, when my uncle posted a video on Facebook of everyone gathered around my abuela’s house in D.R. The block was packed, everyone surrounding the hearse, paying their respects. I was bawling my eyes out and I tried my best to get myself  together.
This year has taken a huge toll on me. So many changes, so many people leaving my life. So many are  missed. Dealing with loss is hard. I’m grateful for all of you who have sent well wishes and prayers towards my way, towards my family’s healing. You are all appreciated.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I hope you cherish the time you have with loved ones. They’re priceless.
, M

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