Mood Board: December Wants 2016

   Its almost Christmas, and even though we all know it’s not all about presents, sometimes you can’t help yourself from thinking about all the things you want. As an adult, we still love our toys, they just start getting more expensive.
My Christmas list is all about gadgets this year. I think I do pretty well artistically with the equipment that I own now. But it’s time to start investing in my craft.
My first need, apple Ipad pro. The 12 in ch is gorgeous, but I desperately am in love with the smaller of the two. The 9.7 screen is perfect for me to carry, and have a little less worry on my train rides. The last thing I need is someone snatching it away from me. This pro pad is nothing to an artist if you don’t get the pencil. Probably the main reason why I want to the ipad pro, since it only works on this system. Because I promise you, if worked on the mini ipads. I would only invest in the pencil.
Now that I’ve converted to an iphone (never thought I’d do it, I’m an avid android lover) I’ve been thinking of getting myself a smartwatch. I’m not really fond of the apple watch. I don’t like the shape, I like more of a classic feel, and this watch from Fossil is absolute perfect.
Cameras, who would I be if I didn’t get caught up in another one. My friends tell me I have way too many cameras already, but when you’re a junkie, the addiction just sticks. I’ve been using my Rebel T3i again, for a long time, and I’m starting to appreciate the feel for it again. Why not upgrade by falling in love with the new Canon 80D?
Another camera I’ve been thinking of getting, and almost always recommend to anyone looking for a camera is the Sony a5100. The processor is just as good as  my a6000 but the flip screen is what wins me over. Especially since I’ve been more into making videos lately. Which you guys will see soon.

I  know, I know, Christmas is all about spending time with family, new beginnings, having joy to spread and making our world just a bit more peaceful. maybe it’s the selfish part of  me, but my list has been made. What’s in yours, what’s on your Christmas list?

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