Miami: Art Basel 2016

Who buys flights on a whim? Apparently we do.
Last time I was in Florida I was probably 19 years old. I had a new boyfriend, and was pouting the whole time I was there. Wishing I was back home so I could suck face with a guy that now looking back definitely didn’t deserve my attention. It was one of those family vacations we hate at the moment, yet cherish when you’re older. Now I’m hoping we take more of those to make new memories. This time however, my family stays at home and it’s my first time having an all girl’s trip. You see it in movies, you don’t make time for it as adult. Well it’s time to make time. Tanya, Olivia and I purchased our tickets and this just either may be one of the most genius things we have done, or the stupidest. I guess we’ll soon find out.
Not wanting to miss any days of work (hello, fake adults here) we booked our flight for Friday evening, landing at 1am on Saurday, so we could be back on that plane on Sunday at 6am. Yeah, I know. It’s going to be a hell of a weekend.Arriving at the pick up spot for our Airbnb keys, the host suddenly realized that there was an accidental double booking. Since her family and herself were in Sabbath, there was no way for her to contact us and give us the news. B, was super sweet and managed to find some space for us at almost 2 in the morning so we wouldn’t be stranded in the streets of Miami. We tippytoed our way through the house while we introduced ourselves. Yes, we’re all artists, no we aren’t show casing in Art Basel. (secretly hoping that my answer is different next time around)Art Basel has been on my bucket list for a some time now, not necessarily because of all the hype and partying that gets done, and what everyone thinks anyone goes over there for. Which I’m sure they do, but Tanya and I were focused on networking. Our backpacks full of business cards.
We entered the tiny shed that was recently built in B’s backyard and got comfortable. We will have a long day tomorrow, but we still stayed up a little bit. Doing homework on all the artists we wanted to see. Tanya with her laptop, typing away with works on a new website she’s working on. I was personally studying up on the artists and where exacty the location will be for their work. Knowing we would only be here for a short amount of time I wanted to be able to prioritize my “must-see’s”. Olivia was somewhere on Instagram scrolling through her feed.In the morning, we made our way to South Beach, sneaking in a little sun and sand in our adventures. The palm trees danced because of the winds, but that didn’t stop many from soaking in on same rays and some waves, bearing skin. I fell in love with the lifeguard shack. It’s purple and orange hues felt like a sunset.
Arriving back at the mini shed, we thanked B for her hospitality and made our way to our actual Airbnb. The beach must have taken longer than expected because it was already about 2pm and we still haven’t seen some art. The girls looked beautiful in their printed flow dresses. While I looked like I was ready for war in olive green. Our first stop the convention center.
Goodness, the place was a maze, it was packed with art lovers and many selfies taken people. I too was taking pictures, and even though I packed so many photography equipment. I noticed almost of my footage was being covered via my iPhone. It seemed more convenient at the time, and while I type this on the note section of my phone, I’m hoping the quality still looks great via desktop and not just on mobile. Maybe that’s just the ocd geek in me. The convention space was a maze. I was given a map and was glad I had a pen in my pocket. Every section that I passed I was sure to mark off, trying my best to go in a pattern and not hit the same stations twice.
I noticed I kept gravitating towards the more colorful pieces of work, and maybe that says something about myself as an artist.
There were so many different takes, visions, mediums being used. I have a habit of getting close to the works, maybe it’s because I like to see detail. I follow the brush strokes and see the texture, the way it flows and try to get into the artist’s way of thinking. “I’m not touching it!” I told one of the curators.After the convention center, we made our way to the infamous Wynwood Walls. I was so excited to walk into the garden. I hear someone calling out “Minx” and when I turn around looking all confused, because who could I possibly know here? I bump in to an old friend I used to know when I was a teenager in my graffiti days. I say my hellos and run off to the walls.I take my list and start to make my rounds. I was excited to see Fafi’s work in person. She’s been one of my  inspirations for a very long time. Her dolls are always on point, always telling a story.

The girls and I got a little camera  crazy, and many many pictures are not making it into  the post ( I’ll probably drive you guys crazy)
You know I’ve heard some people have opinions about making Art Basel in to a huge hype. That you shouldn’t go if you’re not going to buy art.  Granted they may have half of a point, but I disagree on so many other levels. I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately, and being surrounded but not only good friends, but being surrounded by an environment full of art is so inspiring. I made my way to go network, I had the chance to speak to many artists, pick their brains and get some ideas on how to wiggle my way into making moves into the next one.I walked out of there feeling motivated, I’ve been creating non stop since I’ve been home.
I’m so proud of myself. I’ve been putting myself first for the time in a very long time. I’ve been making more digital sketches, my camera is always on my side now, I’ve been on time for my blog posts, and I’ve even been more focused on creating videos for the site. Which bring me to my next post. I”’ be uploading a quick video from our trip, and I hope you guys like.For now, I’ll say my good nights, I have work in the morning and I have sooo much to tell you guys, so stay tuned, muchos besos. ♥, M

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