Corporate Christmas

December means Holidays. Even though Christmas is so close, I still haven’t felt that spirit yet. Maybe because I’m an adult now, which means more responsibilities. The innocence is gone. You know, the purity of being a kid and everything is so shiny and new. Santa arrives and everything is joyful.

Today, I had some hints of joy myself. I’m so blessed to work somewhere that I love. Somewhere that I’m able to help other people. This holiday party was well spent, and let me tell you when I say I ate really well… I’m not lying. I was waddling back to desk, stuffed.

They rented out the restaurant for all of the staff. I chose a booth by  the window, and my team decided to join me. We started with appetizers, dumplings and avocado rolls (so good, I had 3!). A salad was brought out for us, and then our entree. I ordered a rib eye steak with potatoes and greens, I don’t think I even had space for it all. Somehow I must have found some, because when dessert rolled around, I had pumpkin and apple pie on my plate… along with a cheesecake that was so moist and yummy.

What a wonderful beginning to this holiday season. On that note, I haven’t done any shopping yet. How are you guys doing with your list?


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