New Artwork: Cheeky in the Sun

This piece was inspired by @zoemowry

If my iPad isn’t near me, I’m not being productive, case closed. I recently lost my stylus and it’s killing me. I can still draw with my fingertips but once you go stylus you never come back. I’m purchased a cheap little thing to hold me down for now. I’m trying to do my homework on which one I want to invest on. Yes, everyone loves the Apple pencil, but realistically, it’s only compatible with the iPad pro. Which is a complete inconvenience to me since I don’t own it. Which brings me to my second thought, should I get the iPad pro, or am I simply justifying the purchase so I can have the abilities of the amazing pencil? I’ve been doing homework non-stop and yes there are many other stylus’ that can do the job. But why not go for the best? (According to statistics, supposedly)

Anyway, we’ll see. For now this will do. I’m also putting myself on a tight drawing schedule. I want to produce new work every three days max. You’ll soon see that I’m sticking to it.

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