Mood Board No.19: Cuba

All I seem to do is read and breathe Cuba. In case many of you don’t follow me on Twitter to read all of  my ridiculous rants, I have a few trips coming up. One of the adventures I’m probably most excited about is my outing to Cuba.
I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty nervous about the whole jurisdiction thing, but I have faith. I know I’ll be okay.
Recently Mommaminx asked me what did I want to with my life?
Honestly, I just want to see the world. There’s so much out there bigger than myself, and slowly but surely I’ll get the opportunity to experience it all.
As I’ve mentioned, I have been doing some research and it seems the more I read, the bigger headache I get. Right now I’m I’m trying to finalize my itinerary. I need to be prepared especially since WIFI is extremely scarce over there.
I’m grateful I at least speak the language. Granted the dialect and some phrases may be used differently, but at least I’ll understand enough to get by.
Anyway, I couldn’t be more ecstatic, about this trip. I  need to re-discover myself. I need to figure out what I want out of life, I need to mend hearts and liberate myself. I need to get inspired to create new things, get motivated to helping other people, and becoming the best version of myself. I sense myself growing in a positive way. I’m finally learning that I matter, and I should go ahead and be selfish sometimes. I’m always looking out for other people, and this time, it’s all about me.

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