Chat, Chill, Create: Phil

I’ve been hosting these Chat, Chill, Create art sessions. They’ve been inspiring me to get my act together and start creating more work. I don’t think I got much done this day though. Phil came over with a canvas he’s been wanting me to hit. I gave him a little something to work on as well. Our night took a hell of a toll.
So I’m behind the wheel, Phil hands me his keys and tells me to reverse. Yes, I’m a grown woman who does not know how to drive. Shame on me. I think I did pretty good though. So I’m parking, and I did horrible and Phil takes over. When he’s reversing, correcting my trash attempt at parking,  a girl comes up to the window, asking for directions. She’s lost and her phone is dying. I ask if she needs a ride, and I steal the keys from Phil’s hand. He’s looking at me laughing, and she says yes. We warn her that I don’t know how to drive, and if she gets scared to just let us know. She agrees. Phil’s saying how crazy we all are, and tells her to never get in someone else’s car like this again.
She’s visiting from France, and was pretty sweet. She kept thanking us with cookies she was going to be sharing for her Friendsgiving.
Can I  just express that I got her there safe! Go me!
Phil decided to drive back , and somehow gets lost, don’t ask me how. He also got a little cocky and honked at a cop, that was an interesting 15 minutes while trying to figure out if we were getting a ticket or not. After dodging a fine and struggling to order food. Our dominoes finally arrives after 2 hours, and that’s not even an exaggeration. We’re both hangry, and even though it’s not the delivery guys fault. Something had to be done. I ended up speaking to the manager and getting our meal for practically nothing. My pineapple and ham was delicious. Guardians of the galaxy came on and the canvas was out away. I’ll finish it next time, promise. 

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