Chat, Chill, Create: Yawsh

Work in progress- Kid Cudi

Everyone likes to feel inspired.
Lately I’ve been hosting art sessions, that I’ve decided to title them Chat, Chill & Create. The concept is simple. Bring your supplies, drink a little wine, talk it up and bring it into existence. Yawsh came over so we can exchange some styles. I’m a big fan of his realism. The way he starts off with his grid work is pretty damn cool. Something I know I’m not good at it. I’m more a free spirit painter, and I noticed I impressed him with that. I guess different styles call for different preparations.
I started working on a canvas inspired by one of my trips coming up soon. I ‘ll share some of that new soon. I kept peeking over at Yawsh and his progress, his detail work is so precise… so jealous.
Go on and check out some of his work on Instagram.
See you guys soon!

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