Minx’s Mission: Feed The Homeless

Hello my lovely people, 

    As we all know Thanksgiving is only a week and change away. I know we’re all getting ready to spend time with family, get a little fat and soak in the good times. We’re all blessed, and sometimes we fail to notice those wonderful things and people around us.
   This year, help me raise some hope so many unfortunate New Yorkers can have the chance to have a lovely meal. Any bit is appreciated, any sacrifice is valuable. Instead of getting your daily coffee before work, maybe you can give that bit, so someone else may have a dish in front of them 2 Thursday’s from now. 
   My goal is only $500, and I hope you guys can open up your hearts and wallet to help someone else in need. Also, if you want to help a little more, why don’t you sign up to volunteer as well, there’s where you’ll find me!

Thanks again in advance, and I hope you do your best to just a little kinder today!

love, m

Let’s help the homeless and hungry in NYC!

Did you know? Nearly 60,000 New Yorkers will sleep in homeless shelters tonight—that’s the most since the Great Depression! And about 80% are families.

Average New Yorkers are also struggling. Food costs have increased 59% since 2000, but median earnings have increased only 17%.

But together, we can help one person at a time find hope through #MyBowery campaign!

Can you bring lunch from home today? $8 provides a bag of essential groceries for a family in need. How about skipping your latte this morning? Your $5 donation provides 3 meals.

At The Bowery Mission, we can provide meals and so much more. Shelter, showers and clothing, medical care, and groceries—compassionate care to restore hope and change hearts. Join me in showing God’s love to hurting men, women and children.

About The Bowery Mission

Since 1879 The Bowery Mission has met the short-term, emergency needs of New Yorkers caught in the cycles of poverty, hopelessness and dependencies of many kinds. Because we know that a simple act of kindness can be the first step toward a transformed life, we try to meet each need of those who come to The Bowery Mission’s red doors with practical expressions of God’s love—no questions asked, free of charge.

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