Pizza Zoo Halloween 2016

What’s Halloween without having a dope ass party to go to?
Anyone who knows me, knows that I adore Halloween to the fullest extent. I usually throw my own house parties, but this year it was time to do something different. If you haven’t noticed Pizzo Zoo parties on my blog before (see HERE & HERE) it’s a don’t miss, and you’re always guaranteed a good time. This year I decided to keep it a bit simple, and went for a gypsy/fortune teller vibe.

Close up on my third eye. I'm watching you.Almost like I did for the Paper Factory’s Masquerade Event (see that HERE). This time, I sat in front of a mirror, picked up some makeup and some paint, and started working on my face. Good thing I have some background in body paint, but I’ll admit, it was a little difficult at first to paint inverted. I’m so used to painting others straight forward, having my hands face myself was a little of a challenge at first, but I got it. I think I did pretty damn good for myself.
Olivia and BB were already waiting for me at the doors, surprisingly the line wasn’t as long as I expected, which was a relief. Nikki was on her way, and she looked so adorable as a little scarecrow. I haven’t seen her since the last Pizza Zoo, and I really missed her. We got to bust out some moves on the dance floor, what a way to catch up.
I kept getting compliments on my eye, I was loving that. Oli was a ballerina, and we kept seeing a posse of them. We joked about how they should put on a dance routine for everybody after the party. Now how cute will that be?
Sometimes Twitter, let’s you in on little secrets, well, not much of a secret if it’s on Twitter, haha. but I knew there was a 3rd floor around here somewhere. The 1st and 2nd floor, was packed, like always. So I was on the hunt for that staircase. The 3rd floor was being taken over by House 78, just what I needed! There was space to dance and get crazy, the DJ was killing it! I had a slice of pizza in one hand, a drink on the other, while my hips were working it out on the dance floor, talk about multi-tasking.
Back on the first floor, a costume challenge was going on. Participants dress up like Joanne the Scammer, HIM from the Powerpuff girls( he was rocking it by the way, my favorite) and many others. I love seeing how creative people get.

After the party, we purchased tickets to the after party, it was being held on a boat on Pier 81. We got there pretty early, and since the boat was departing at 1am, we had enough time to grab something to eat real quick. Instead of walking until forever, I stopped at a Halal cart and ordered chicken over rice. Something to fill me up really quickly since I was going to be drinking some more. It’s all about balance.
When we got back the line was long, and it wasn’t moving. After 30 minutes wait, we finally moved for the first time, not by much might I add. Everyone on line was getting antsy, Nothing was happening, and rumors were going back and forth that nobody else was getting on the boat. What?
Nobody wanted to hear that, everyone starts shoving, there’s cursing and threats being through. We’ve been on line for an hour and every single person on the line has paid to get inside. Except we were outside, and the line was now turned into a mob. The riot was getting louder, and the security didn’t have much information about anything. We all kept asking to get our money refunded, and of course they had nothing to do with it. Fights started to break out, and I noticed the crew that run Pizza Zoo were doing their best to not have to deal with anybody.
Many started to jump the line, threaten the guards, insisting to either be let in the boat or give back the money. All they kept saying is that they were over capacity. I understand selling a few extra tickets in case some don’t show, but selling more than 100 tickets extra and not  letting them get in side, its absurd! All you’re doing is creating a disorderly crowd. After waiting on line for an hour and change, since we were right in front, we were granted the chance to go inside. Finally. I went straight to order myself a glass of wine, to get me back on a better note. This whole thing was ruining my night. I noticed some guy throwing up over the side of the boat, and I went back to the bar and got him some water and just walked away. He didn’t look like he wanted to be bothered anyway. BB, Oli and I made some new friends on the line, and when were inside finally got to dance. The only thing we really wanted to do. No lie, I only danced one song and a half until an announcement was  made that the boat was finally leaving at 2am. Finally, we had a small chance of hope left…. that is until, the other half of the second song was finished and another announcement was made. Somebody was smoking weed, another fight broke out, and now everyone had to get off the boat.
What the fuck!?
There were cops outside , directing everyone to get out, horns honking from their patrol cars, it was intense, it was insane. To make matters worse, I wanted to know what Twitter was saying. You have a huge crowd of disappointed party goers who spent their money to have a good time, and nothing close to it. Being shoved, waiting on line for an hour and  half, getting kicked out, and escorted by  police offers to keep it moving, was and never will be my idea of fun. At this point, I could even understand if I was drunk, but I wasn’t. I don’t allow myself to get to that point any longer. I have my drink, I have a good time, I know when to stop. All I wanted was to dance, and escape reality for a little bit. That was the opposite of this experience, which I ended up paying for. When addressing it online, it felt that any owners affiliated with the Pizza Zoo brand, ignored all negative feed backs, and only retweeted and addressed the tweets when it taken in a positive manner. Why not express a simple apology to the people who support your cause? Even if there was no  money given back to everyone who suffered this lost, (it’s business, it’s understandable)  but a simple apology expressing everyone’s concerns on how they were treated at the event should have been acknowledged and not ignored. I would say, how do you expect people to return and spend more money on you, when you provided such a horrible experience, with no order? But I also understand, that we all grow, and everyone on the PZ team is rolling with the punches. They’re growing so quickly, that they possibly can’t control every aspect of the event. Yes, the original Pizza Zoo was great, always, but that after party, you might as well have sunk the boat. Maybe it’s time to expand your team, as your events expands as well. I say all this not to speak badly on the team’s behalf, but  to give a piece of advice. I do see you guys being so much bigger and better than what you already have. I see great success in all of your futures, and yes, I will be back for more. But maybe, just maybe you could have recognized all that happened and not put it on the back burner like it never existed. On that note, I leave this post like this… Pizza Zoo, you were amazing as always. This Halloween was a blast, no matter of the huge hiccup. I know that all things planned do not go as designed in our minds. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, because I know I sure did. I got to experience events where I painted and danced all my struggles away, and that to me is priceless.

Until next time loves,
love, m