JunXion Crossroads: A Haunted Masquerade at The Paper factory Hotel

It has been a long time since I’ve picked up a paintbrush. One of my very talented friends, photographer Manny Inoa, from InoaPhoto.com, advised me to get my shit together and contact one of his friends, Lindsay. She was curating a huge Halloween/Masquerade Event at the ever so popular, The Paper Factory Hotel.

JunXion Crossroads, a haunted masquerade. Walking in the hotel, was exactly like someone else had described it to me. You feel like you’re in a maze. The decor was dark and everything was beautifully grotesque. I made my way to the green room, where all the artists and performers got to hide out, prepare and keep all of their belongings and props. The host was kind of enough to make sure everyone was fed as well, nice touch.Ollie did me the great favor of purchasing a light weight travel easel, something I’ve been needing to invest in for quite some time, yet always found a reason to put it on the back burner. It came in handy today, I’ll tell you that. Manny went off to do what he does best , photograph, while Edgar decided to turn his jacket inside out, Fresh Prince of Belair style, and roamed the rooms ,soaking in all the costumes. There was absolutely everything you could think of, and I was impressed at everyone’s creativity. Yes, there were the basic witches, vampires and werewolves, but there were also Mike from The Stranger Things, Frida Kahlo, Power Rangers, Pikachu’s, Slash, and many more  characters I can’t possibly  remember.  I, in return, rummaged through my closet and threw on a lot of things together to make somewhat of a gypsy ensemble, and even though I think I looked pretty good, it was obvious that my boobs were the one who stole the show. I was excited  to get to work, I found a well lit spot, considering everything was so dim. I think you guys already know where I’m going with this,because this always seems to be the case. I never know what I’m painting. Even when I think I might have an idea of what should be on canvas, the end result is always different. It’s as if my brain and my hands never agree on anything, and guess who ends up winning?

I knew I wanted to paint an exotic pigmented woman. That melanin, absolutely breath taking, I kind of just went with the flow and let the night lead me where ever it was going. I absolutely adored that I had so many people watching me, wondering what brush stroke I was going to think of next. It gave me that adrenaline that graffiti used to give me. I felt like I was re-finding my purpose and I knew then I had to get my act together when I got home and just start creating new work. It’s been long enough, and this was the motivation I needed. I can’t lose myself again.A wonderful couple dressed as the strong man and circus performer kept coming back to my section. Josh & Sarahbeth were extreme sweethearts, who ended up falling in love with my piece. SOLD! My newest piece now has a new home all the way in Phoenix with the recently engaged couple. They were absolutely the cutest couple, and I wish them all the best in the newest chapter of their life.

This event was wonderful, it was full of life, full of energy. I was blessed to be part of an event so wonderfully curated. I hope I get the opportunity to work with them again. I’m hoping and will do a lot of things, like keep on painting.

See you guys, soon!
love, m