Night Breakers

So here I am, draining the little that is left of my cell phone battery on this group chat. Ever since a recent event, we’ve all grown closer than before. Granted, we’ve all known each other for a number of years, but at this time, we’ve been bonding stronger than ever. Seems like in one aspect of our lives, we’re pretty somewhat stuck in the same rut. Which only makes our nights much more of a tale. Our nights are cheered on by alcohol levels. Our hips swerve to the rhythm. Our laughs get lost in the crowds. It’s like a trance, a blur, a memory that doesn’t require documenting.

Even at our non indulgent moments, our talks vary from advice, to career goals, to workshops, events, parties, bike rides, one night stands, artistic differences, future travels, and much much more. These “night breakers” have been my rock.

Changes, we’re all going through them, from job hunting, to wounded hearts, from deaths, family drama, and trial and tribulations in the dating scene. We all go through stages, we fall, we break, we pick ourselves up, we mend and grow. Grow into better versions of ourselves, that is,  if we heal correctly.

People come in and out of our lives, They’re like seasons, many quotes like to say. Even though people may not always be permanent, I like to believe that they’re not always gone.They appear in your lives when needed, like small chances of hope, a guide, inspiration to keep on creating or even something as small as a smile to brighten up your day. I’ll take every ounce I can get, and for the time being, no matter what the percentage on my battery may be, at least my cellphone is finally being put to good use.

I hope you all find your Night Breakers.
love, m

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