New Art: Self Portrait, Digital Style

I have finally picked up a stylus ladies and gentlemen!

Ok, let me not hype this up too much, because I don’t want you guys asking me when was the last time I picked up a paintbrush.

However, I’ve been getting back into my daily routine of drawing on the train, probably the only time I actually have to myself. The only time I get to mediate and just think out loud on a screen. Sure sometimes hearing “showtime” and being shoved like a sardine in a tin can gets annoying, but I  like to think I take control of it. I center myself, and block it all out. Many times I get another commuter leaning in trying their hardest to see what I’m doing. (Like you guys aren’t nosy on someone else’s screen) Sometimes I’ll get a quiet nod of approval, and sometimes I get someone who strikes up a conversation. I love both, depending on my mood. As much as I appreciate a good compliment, it also distracts me from my task at hand. I’m in a zone, I’m focused and I want to get it done. Occasionally, I get a little shy when I know the project involves my own face.. like for this illustration I finished. I know people stare, and let’s face it.. I don’t impress anybody at work, so I dress as shitty as I want to be. So when they see a cute girl on the screen and hot mess in person, I get the raise of an eyebrow with a silent “wtf?” haha.

I hope you guys like.

Ps. Check out the new header above.
love, m