Free Rein

Life takes a toll on us hard. I know many and one in particular, who has no problem keeping everything bottled up inside. Nothing is a bother, nothing deserves any attention. You just keep moving on, and whoever doesn’t like it, well tough. Sometimes I wish I could be that way. I used to be that way. I’ve come to realize though, that even if it may sound like a blessing, that only means you only have a sad soul yearning to get out.
Being able to express myself is a wonderful trait. It’s an awareness of what’s around you, what you deserve, appreciate and you get to grow. I can’t image not having someone to bond and share your deepest thoughts with. Having a connection so innocent and most of all reciprocated. Being able to share your feelings, ideas, goals, perceptions of the world and humanity,  being passionate about something…it shows character. Having no filter with another, just countless laughing, crying.. that’s life.. emotion is life.
I used to know someone who thought expression was showing weakness, giving space for judgement, but in all reality, being that close minded, was the weakness. Vulnerability with someone else is freedom. Maybe you guys already have someone you can indulge with, and if you don’t, try opening up a bit more. Or show expression in different interpretations, and aspects. Pick up a paintbrush, paint something, pick up a pen, write something, pick up some clay, sculpt something… I want to see all of you create, express, don’t hold back, because life takes a toll on us hard, and having an outlet is free rein. Go on, show me what you got.
love, m

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