Photography: BoWhoreNYC: Cross Body Sweatshirt Dress

Finally guys, I know, I know.. it’s taken me forever to get to the final look, number eight. I know all you see when you get on my site is pictures of this shoot, but like I’ve mentioned before, it was an all day thing, with a lot of different outfits that needed to be displayed.

Knowing myself, I had to split this up the right way, and this was the best way I knew how. This last ensemble is something that I would actually wear. It’s a grey sweatshirt dress, with fur sleeves and a red cut out at the mid tummy area. Way too cute.
In case you all haven’t noticed a theme here, this project was all part of Julee’s new Fur collection that just debuted! So now there’s an opportunity in actually ordering these items, go HERE. or visit her instagram HERE.

Since these threads were a bit more on the urban side, I knew I wanted to get on the streets, and not just in the background, in action. Shooting at the gas station was my personal choice, and something I don’t regret doing at all. Granted we had a few bystanders confused. Especially since we weren’t actually pumping gas haha, but what are a few eyeballs anyway?

I hope you guys enjoyed this collection, I know I sure had a blast photographing and editing these shots. On to the next job!If you are interested in my photography services please feel free to email me at or use the contact form below.
love, minxinx