Photography: BoWhoreNYC : Backless and Slinky

We’re half way there guys, I promise. This is look four out of eight where model Laurie, did her damn thing in front of the camera. A quick little behind the scenes on this look, which was actually the last that I photographed that day. We had amazing shots of all the other outfits and at this point we didn’t want to stay in the same area with the same backdrop. This slinky gray number needed a bit of iron or metal in my opinion. I wanted to find a cottage looking home, with a beautiful door. While driving I immediately screamed out to the designer Julee from BoWhoreNYC to stop the car. She braked, and I jumped out of the car. Directing Laurie to go run in front of this random house. AT one point, someone starts to peek out of the window, so we ran, and watching Laurie run in those heels had to be the funniest thing. This was it, and so worth it. Sometimes not planning gives us a better outcome than expected. love, minxinx

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