You’re A Warrior

Sometimes it’s just making the choice.

Decide that you know you deserve better. Decide to chose you. As much as you love, make the choice to put you first. You will love again, and you will love harder than this, and when it happens, you’re going to look back at it like “Damn, why was I so stressed about that love, when it was so minuscule compared to what I have now.

Even of that love doesn’t come along romantic wise, it will come. With yourself, with your career, with your family, with your friends, with memories, travels and adventures. There isn’t only one aspect of love, even if it feels like it.

You are too beautiful, smart, talented and strong, to be wasting your precious time on people or things that don’t deserve it. That don’t value you.

You are a warrior, start acting like it.

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