Artshow: Escape2NY Parte Dos

I  met up with my hot date Olivia, today we were going to an artshow,  Escape2NY to be exact. Earlier this year was was the first event (see that post HERE) I don’t even know where to get started from this night. Wait let me re-phrase that, I know how started, I don’t necessarily remember how it ended. There was an open bar serving jungle juice and goodies being sold. Oli and shared a cookie and listened to the DJ do his thing. He killed it.

The art was great, the music kept every vibing off of each other, the art show quickly turned into a party. I bumped into some old friends, caught up and tried my best not to fall. That second cookie was hitting the system. Bb and Oli danced, while I gave the couch some of my undivided attention.

The night was great, and if all goes well, I’ll be showcasing some work at the third Escape2NY. Click on some links below, and I’ll see you guys next time!


Performances: After Party

Hosted by: gismo .

Sounds by: Broquete | Jamesy | Jonluc

Goodies by : HomegrownNY & Baked By Bobby

Check out the video shot and edited by @jessy4l

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