Pajon at The Ear Inn

It was on the list, bike ride with Randy. We’ve been talking about it since we went to go see The Peanuts Movie, see that post HERE. It was hot and sticky out, I was rethinking this notion as soon as I got out of the train station. The bikes were old school, and there were no breaks on the handle bars, something I’m not used to. If I wanted to stop, I would have to back pedal, how weird!

Since we were riding on the Hudson, we stuck to the bike lane at first, other cyclist’s kept rushing and swerving by Randy and I. My reflexes were the opposite of “on point”. I think there were a couple of hedges who wanted me to land on them. Randy and I were surprised at how many activities there were by Pier 25. Volleyball and even free canoeing.  Might have to do that next before  the season is over. After our stroll, Randy asks me ” You want a little bit of history?” I say yes, because how could you possibly say no to that. We ride to a bar on Spring Street, lock up the bikes and he points to two dock post cemented into the ground. Turns out, that’s where the pier used to be. I look back at where it’s now and it seems so far from the river!

We walk into the Ear Inn Bar, which he tells me is the first bar in NYC,all the way back to the year 1817,  how cool is that? Read about the history HERE.  I ordered the mac and cheese and a burger, delicious. I noticed they had shepards pie, and since I’be never had I was tempted to order it. If you’re going to have an old school dish, might as well have it an old school environment. I decided my next visit, I’ll pay homage to the pie, right now I wanted to devour that  burger.

We caught up and laughed, especially since he was calling me pajon the whole time!PS. Pajon is Dominican slang for having big bushy messed up hair
love, minxinx