Winds and a Registry, a Calm Labor Day

Mami kept insisting we cancel our plans for Labor Day. Originally we were going to Lake Welch, but with rumors and warnings about Hurricane Hermine, she insisted on us being safe. A beach is safer right?  I know, I know i’s not, but we wanted to do something, and since the winds were a little calmer we decided it was a go.

We woke up early and headed 45 minutes into Connecticut, we arrived at Sherwood Island State Park. I cannot exaggerate enough when I say, we had the ENTIRE beach to ourselves. I can only imagine how Coney Island or Orchard beach must be right now. We were isolated. This is the closest I’ll probably ever feel to having an island to myself. (You know, unless I win the lottery one day.)It was pretty chilly, especially since we were there so early. I was regretting not bringing a sweater with me, but someone decided to share with me, even though he was being a bit of a grouch. I laid the moon mats down,  and  got to relax. I covered myself up with the towel, and just closed my eyes. This weather would have been so perfect to just lay there with a book in hand. I opened my eyes for a quick second to see Kiki, Taimane, and Chris taking a well deserved nap as well. The only person awake was Jeremy, enjoying the view.Our lovely sun decided to make an appearance, and we all woke up when we felt the heat. Even though we weren’t planning on getting in the water ( and told Mami we wouldn’t, sorry ma!) We stripped own and jumped in. The water was pretty damn cold, I was shivering, but just like everything else in life, when you get used to it, it’s not that bad. Along with me came some floaties, the ones we used at The Blacklight Slide.The waves were perfect and kept pushing us around back and forth, and one point I was too caught up taking selfies and Kiki starts to scream out at me that I’m getting too far from shore. I didn’t even bother to test if my toes touched the bottom, I started  shuffling back the best that I could. Go me, for not panicking!Taimane looked cute with her little belly, just floating in the water, and the way that Kiki and T kept playing around with each other, I knew then that Harlie was going to be born with great parents. PS. I forgot to mention, the baby’s name will be Harlie Alexa, how pretty!)We left a little early and the parents to be had planned into going to Babies R’ Us to register for the baby shower. All the planning is coming into play and it was time to make a list of all the things that are needed for her arrival. Everyone wanted a chance at the scanning gun, and I was busy having baby fever, oohing and aahing all the cute tiny little things. Then I turned around to see Chris, this tall grown ass man, riding around the store in a little kid’s bike, like he was 6 years old, and realized…”Yeah, I’m over it!”
love, minxinx

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