Jetskis and The Wharf 

Before Yenny’s arrival, I asked her what was the one thing she wanted to do once she arrived in New York. Without a pause, she enthusiastically  mentioned she wanted to do that thing where you’re feet are tied to a board and you fly through the sky above water.  I was like, “What!?, Oh, flyboardingI actually did this two years ago before it started getting as popular as its becoming now. I did my homework, and as much as I wanted to take her, given her crazy schedule being decided between family and boroughs, it just wasn’t going to happen.  We would have to drive all the way to Long Island for only 30 minutes up in the air. I suggested we rent some jetskis instead. Since Yenny is such a trooper, and honestly didn’t care what we did at all, as long as we were together (aww, how sweet!) jetskis it was. I figured, we could get the grand tour of Manhattan on the Hudson while one the skis. She would love that.The ride to Far Rockaway was a little longer than  I was expecting, and having the music blasting dembow kept us all excited. When we arrived we had to watch an instructional demo that I barely paid attention to. In my mind I wasn’t driving, and as long as you give you a life vest I’ll be okay. Ya know I can’t swim! I rented wetsuits, which we definitely did not need, and after waiting a short while for our instructor to come out and hop us on the machine I was ready to go, not not as excited as Christopher was. Oh my goodness, why did I let that man drive? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since he was a manic driving through 4 wheelers in The Dominican Republic and nearly scared me half to death. I guess he was trying to catch up to that other half today and murder me for real, because I kept screaming in his ear everytime he  revved up the ammunition and started hopping waves. Boys are crazy, please let that be known. Adrenaline junkies, all of them. Alexis looked like he was treating Yenny much nicer, at least from my point of view. I know she was pretty upset when the cap mami gave her as a present flew away from her and into the water. And with all those studs she had on there it sunk faster than The Titanic.I was starving, I think we were all ready for some grub. The beau looked up a bar and grill that had some good reviews. We walked into The Wharf, the view was pretty, my whisky and cranberry was even better. I got a surprised look from him when I ordered liquor instead of a beer like everybody else. I was just ready to eat, and I didn’t want to stuff myself up with beer. The coconut shrimp and barbecue ribs that were shared were just perfect.I think the only bad thing about this place was that we had to asked for the check three times. Nonetheless,I had a great time, plus, I’m still alive ain’t I?
love, minxinx

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