Yenny en NuevaYoooool

After the Barbecue with the fellas, yes, I had to leave early. I headed back to MY fella, to make my way towards Brooklyn. My grandmother and my cousin Yenny had just arrived in New York from the Dominican Republic, and we were all excited. Especially since this was Yenny’s first time here, first time anywhere, first time on a plane!

When they landed there was a big confession with what terminal they arrived in, and nobody had the chance to give them an actual welcome. My mother ended up paying parking three times, making her rounds and still nothing.My cousin Yenny has always been the one to take charge of things. Whenever I visit Santo Domingo, she’s the only one who makes it her mission to make sure I have a good time. You can see some of those stories HERE, HERE, or HERE. She is appreciated and always makes anything and everything fun. Her being in a strange place doesn’t change that personal trait a bit. When I walked into yet another BBQ, she was the first one I saw in her bright highlighter sneakers, which are way cute by the way, and ran to her immediately. Her hugs are one of  a kind.  She just kept screaming “¡Yenny en Nuevayooool!”

My abuela Lidia was there too, and she looked so cheerful. We eventually made her more cheerful when we invited her to take a shot with us. Haha.

Sasha and Lidia came up with games for all of us to play, and alot of it involved twerking. Titi Margaret was having too much fun recording us and pretty sure the guys enjoyed the view. Everyone kept drinking, and I’m always the one getting picked one because I pace myself.Their plan of going to the Dominican Parade sounded early compared to all the drinks they were having. It’s been 5 years since any of us have gone to parade on fifth Ave. Last time, was when out cousin Jasmine was alive. Non of us have returned since,it just wouldn’t feel the same. Since Yenny was in the building, I told myself I would join. Knowing I had plans that were cutting it close to the time I had to be out for the other ones. I knew I could do it, even if I was going to be exhausted. It was worth it.

I left a bit earlier than everyone else to catch up on sleep I know damn well I was going to be needing and left doing the cha-cha slide while Chris and I walked to the car. I finally cracked a smile out of him.

Check out a quick recap of our night:

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