Far A Way, Four-Oh-Eight

Meeting up with Randy is always fun. He mentioned he had some tickets to a game and I was down. We planned to meet up in front of The Hard Rock at the stadium, and once I got out of work I headed straight over there. I almost forgot how packed it gets on the train and on the exit of 161st when it’s game time. Since we were early we walked into Billy’s for a quick 2 beers.  I’ve been to Billy’s once  quite some ago, and I don’t remember it looking at great as it was. It looked like huge club, with one wall of  brick (which I loved), the rooftop was a nice touch, and was directly under the passing train, but since it was so damn hot, the last thing I wanted was for my beer to start melting. We stayed inside and rocked out to the beats while we caught up, exchanging war stories from the last time we hung out. (See that HERE).We walked inside, and I was having flash backs. I used to work at both the old stadium and the new one when I was younger. I used to sneak away from my stand and go watch the games. It was a pretty sweet gig as a teenager, and the tips were pretty damn great. The clean up, was not.We roamed the different floors before getting to our level. I ask him what are our seats, and he screams  over the loud music, “Far away!” I’m like … that’s not an issue, I like it that way, but what are the seats? He just stares at me, quietly with the look like “I just told you” Apparently he said 408, not far away….ooops.

 The view from our seats were great, at least the ones we sat on… a couple kinda of took over our assigned seats, but we didn’t  care too much. Yankees VS The Mets, this game was going to be good.Randy snuck away to get some beer, and came back with a huge bag of popcorn, there was no way we were going to finish the whole thing. Sooooo, that’s when the popcorn fight began. Oh, but it started out nice, one popcorn thrown nicely when the other wasn’t looking, and one of us..cough cough… ended up with the whole bag thrown on her head! Thanks!

love, m

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