Thot Juice & Peanuts

Dates. I think everyone knows how much I’m a fan of them. This time Randy was meeting me at West 4th Street, and good thing he knew his way because I would have gotten lost without him. We were headed to Pier 46 on the Hudson where the movie “Peanuts” was going to be played.

Someone “cough cough – Randy” was supposed to be in charge of food, while I had lugged around my bright yoga mat with me all day. Instead of getting snacks we decided to get drinks instead. We stopped by a local corner deli and picked up some margaritas, and if you’re from the hood you may know them better as thot juice. hahaha… since they’re not that strong, we made a second stop at the liquor store and grabbed some vodka to stiffen it up.  Grown ups.While we were busy trying to find a decent spot to lay down our mat, a mother stops to asks us where we got our “nut crackers” we laughed and told her they were home made. The line for the free popcorn they were giving out, never seemed to quiet down. We kept tabs on it, to see when we would finally get up and grab some… yeah, that never happened. The movie ended and there was still a line.

The movie was so damn cute, Randy and I kept giggling at how cute Charlie Brown was, especially when he got nervous around the little red haired girl.
After the movie, we walked into his job, a beautiful hotel, with rooftop access. The view was gorgeous and the free drinks were even better. We danced a bit and decided to roam the streets instead. We walked into some weird alley that had art installments, and drunkenly started snapping away. Getting back home was a bit of an issue for me. My phone was dead, and I had no idea where I was at. I’m just glad I had my glasses, and was able to see the street signs. I am upset though, because I think I lost my prescription sunglasses. So upsetting, those are brand new., m