Mood Board: July 2016 Wants

  I need a huge change.  I have a list of things I want to do, career wise, travel, love life, creating, etc. I have so much on my plate, sometime even something as simple as walking into an apartment that doesn’t feel  like “home”  can be a bummer.  I want to be able to walk into a space that not only reflects my personality, but inspires me to create and grow. I need a refresher,. Though my goal living space is huge artistic loft (which I’m no where close  to) a girl can still dream. I’ve been slowly throwing away a lot of materialistic crap, that are just taking up space. it doesn’t need to be there, so out to the trash it goes. I try to tell myself, everything I own has a home, and though staying tidy ism’t always  easy ( many artistic persons are messy) I think I’m slowly getting better.

I love white furniture, it gives the illusion of more open space. I have a quirk for funky furniture, because you still need that one piece to stand out, and scream “look at me!” A closet organized is a women’s fantasy come true, I just adore all the  little storage boxes  pictured above. (Remind me to buy some of those) and I would forever have a love for succulents and cacti. I would really love to have my own mini garden Right now it doesn’t seem like the best thing to do, since i barely have any windows or outdoor space, but soon.. I’ll make it happen. For now, I’ll just have to swoon every time I pass a flower shop.

This mood board is in influencing me to get to work,  not only to keep saving up for my dream spot, but to make the same you’re currently in, your own. A safe haven.

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