Photography | Bringing Baby

It’s official, I get to be a titi!

That’s auntie for all you non-spanish speaking folks.

My brother Christian is going to be a dad, and he couldn’t more excited about it… we’re all so excited about it. Mami is running around so happy that she gets to be an abuela now. Eventhough we have known for a little while now, we have all been waiting for that 3 month curse to fade away so we can finally let the world know. Facebook friends and family are all going crazy, and I’ve even noticed a cousin bringing me into the mix. ” I guess you beat Milli to it” Damn…. not yet.

We won’t know the gender until August, it seems so close, yet so far away. All I know is, we’re all just praying for a healthy new life to join us. We can’t wait until we start spoiling that baby, I’ll be the first one snapping pics back and forth.

Check out the announcement photographs I shot for the new-to-be parents.

Not only do I get to have a baby niece or nephew, but I’ve gained a new sister as well.

Welcome to the family Taimane.
love, m

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