For all you wonderful fathers out there, I hope you were surrounded by people who appreciate you, because you men, we are grateful to for you.

Love, it’s what brings us all together. Fathers day was spent like I usually spend every Sunday lately, at the ‘rents. Christopher and I did a little shopping before we showed face, for both presents, and a whole bunch of beer, burgers and hot dogs. This time we were the ones bringing the BBQ to them.

I haven’t seen my sister Julissa as much lately. I understand though, she’s kicking ass in both school and her new job. Since she’s on probation her schedule isn’t really optional. I miss her.

I also got to see Giana, my sister’s sister. Sounds pretty confusing I know, but we’re a big family. hahaha. It was nice seeing her, and her girls are getting so big and beautiful.

My father, is my ride or die. He’s the parent I’ve always naturally leaned on, He’s always patient, gives words of wisdom, even if he doesn’t always agree with me. He always has a sense of humor that never quits. He’s the best dad I know. and for this I thank you.

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