Mermaid Parade 2016

{Warning: This post contains a butt load of images}Ever since I was informed that The Mermaid Parade was a real thing, I made it my mission to go annually. I’ve only missed one so far, and it was only because in 2014 a friend needed me more than the sea life creatures.

In case you’ve never heard of the Mermaid Parade, let me break it down to you as simple as possible. It’s like Halloween in the summer, and most of the outfits are aquatic related, and yes…. you will see A LOT of skin.  I fucking l love it.

As much as I love dressing up, I try not to do too much. Some of those outfits seem so heavy and sweaty. I rather carry less .

This time around, I invited my mother  and little brother Jeremy, to come join in on the fun. Jeremy has never been to Coney Island, ever! What!?  ” You need to get  out of the house  more” that’s all I kept repeating to him most of the day.

I will admit, for the first time since I’ve been going, we arrived before he festivities even began. We got a wonderful spot with a close up  view. At one point we started to get annoyed. Nikki  and Chris noticed her first, some middle aged lady who thought she was hot shit, just a little bit to close to comfort. She was all on top of mami, leaning over her, so she can snap some pictures. Once I caught her resting her phone on my mother’s head I had to say something,  I know we’re all trying to get good pictures but have  you ever hear  of personal space? She apologized many times and about 5 minutes later when I turned around again, she was gone. Good riddance.
This cotton candy lady was Nikki’s favorite,  her bosoms full of tulle, I was a little distracted by her butt, it was amazing. I want mine to look like that!JB was at the beach waiting for us , so we headed his way.  Whether, it be a miscommunication or exhaustion, that didn’t end up happening. Maybe we’ll see each other next time. We headed to the sand regardless, laid the blanket down and Taimane and Nikki were the first ones  catching rays. Jeremy began to play with the sand, my mother  relaxed for a bit since she was about to head out soon, 2 hour train rides are no joke! And Chris, as infamous as his actions are…. picked up a beer and sipped away, ah!

The sun was no joke. I was too busy taking pictures like I usually do. I swear if someone ever wanted to play a huge prank on me, all they would have to do is glue the eye piece of my camera… it’s not like my camera  gets  to be put down much anyway. Maybe this way I’ll have a “Look ma, no hands!” option.That water was freezing!

Nik dove in like nothing,  Jeremy kept dipping his toes in, while I ended up having to submerge myself, so I could just get over the chill. Oh, look… the curls made an appearance,. That’s what happens when a kinky headed latina decides to go to the beach.

I packed sandwiches and snacks which were the smartest thing I ended up doing that day. Saving money is essential., and if we all get to eat in the process, I consider that a win-win.  Since Jeremy was busy playing with the sand, he was persistent on me assisting him, to do what…. burying him. He made a bootleg hole and crawled in and started  to cover himself. When I lastly got around to helping him, he was excited… and then that excitement turned into eagerly wanting to get out. Why, you ask?

His hole, the bootleg hole I mentioned when he started was so small, so instead of him taking the time to make a big so his whole body can fit, he made a small one… and sat bent at the knees. So now his knees where asleep and tingling, and yelling that he wants to get up, and of course we wouldn’t let him, at least not yet.

I mean, what are big siblings for?

For torture.

{insert evil laugh here}It was time to roam the boardwalk a bit, we packed up, saw a group playing old school salsa, tamboras and all. Chris was making fun of me, because like always, I was ready to dance and so we did.  Since the beat was pretty slow, I was ready to keep it moving,  literally… we headed to the amusement park next.

Luna Park has grown a lot, we got on The Soarin’ Eagle, and those turns were so sharp! I thought I was going to crash into a wall. Remind me to take a trip to Six Flags soon.

We all really wanted to go on The Thunder Bolt ride, but that line was hella long. There was no way in hell I was waiting for that.One of my favorite things about this year’s mermaid parade has got to  be the Coney Art Walls, Oh my god, my heart wanted to drop when I saw all the art. There was  a gated area that was 21 and up.  I only got to roam around for bit, since I was playing guardian with my little brother and the girl were already tired. But I secretly knew that if it only me and Chris, we would have ended up staying another hour or so, just dancing and drinking beers under the moon.

Non the less, I got to see some of my favorite graffiti artists’s art work in the flesh. Two that I got all geeky fan girl about was Miss Van, I have always loved her work, Her girls were a huge influence on me when i first started painting women and for the first time I got to see her incredible talent up close.

Another artist I got to squirm over was DFace. His women and his skulled gentlemen are to die for… all puns intended. When I saw the couple painted on the wall splitting a milkshake, I ran past the crowd to take a few pictures.

Luckily for me, beach peeps are the happiest there is, so asking fro a quick favor to take pics is a breeze.
By the time we got on the train, we were all drained. Of course there were no seats, so I spent most of my time laying all over Chris, that probably wasn’t too fun for him, but he sucked up and hugged me anyway.

2 hours later, everyone was  where they needed to be, we split  a pizza and called it a night.

This day was animated, energetic, tired some and magical. I’m worn out, Goodnight!

love, m