Mets VS Pirates

Surprise dates are the best dates. My guy sends me a message ” Guess what?” I reply with ” You won the lottery!?” He laughs, ” Close, I won something.” At this point I’m lost, so I just stay quiet and wait for him to fill in the blanks. ” I won tickets to a Mets game!”

Sweeeeet…. I mean, I don’t know how that’s close to winning the lottery, however it pretty damn awesome that he won tickets. He tells me, he signed up for a raffle at the bar close to his job, and never even expected to get the call. I’m already out of work and and stop by one of those touristy shops you always seem to pass by. I didn’t necessarily want to invest in anything Mets related, since all my life I’ve been raised to be a Yankee Fan. So I settled for blue and orange hat that read “New York” in bold letters… my own way of saying ” I could wear it again to a Knicks game if it came down to it.”I have never been to Shea stadium, now Citi Field at all. I’ve gone to many Yankee games, and even use to work at the stadium a long long time ago, both the old and new one. Citi Field seemed cleaner and family friendly. Yankee stadium is overwhelmed with rowdy  fans. ( I secretly love it) We ordered some chicken tenders with cheese fries, and about 3 beers back to back. What’s a game without a few beers?

Chris kept giving me a face every time I mentioned Pirate’s Starling Marte was my boyfriend, all I could do was crack up.

We had a nice time rooting for separate teams, especially when we kept rubbing strikes in each others faces.

I lost anyway..or should I say the Mets did., minxinx