Until The Break of Dawn

I’ve been kind of down lately. Though I won’t speak about it, I can tell it’s been altering my mood. The last thing I wanted to do was be around people, that is until Kiki advised that just may be what I needed. He was right. I needed to stop dreading about my problems and just laugh them all away with great people. . . oh, and drink of course. That’s our toxic way of making us forget temporarily. Kiki had some Hurricane ready, I knew Lily, like me, is a huge fan of wine. I stopped by and picked up a bottle. Kiki gets a text a few moments after, and we pick up some red bulls, Kong was bringing Jägermeister….so we already knew is a Jäger bomb night!

For those who don’t know what  Jäger bomb is, you have a lot of catching up to do. You drop the shot in to a cup full of redbull and chug, chug, chug!
Fernando, the feen that he is, had the hookah ready to go. He makes it the best according to his own compliments.

We spent our night taking a few drinks, playing uno, dancing and laughing up a storm. Next thing we knew it was 7 in the morning. What? The last time I stayed up drinking this late I must have been like 22. Thought I was all grown up. Look at me now… still trying to grow up.I needed a night like this so badly. Now it’s time to deal with reality…. after I wake from like a 12 hour nap.love, minxinx

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