Dusk at the Dock

My niece Khloe and nephew Tristan are getting so big, so quickly. I just love it when Tris screams out “Titi” to me, especially with that little lisp of his. (Titi means auntie in spanish) Khloe was in her 5th dream for most of these, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have trouble chasing around this monster along the pier to get anything close to decent. He’s so energetic, and that’s me just saying it nicely. I guess boys will be boys.

Julievet and I made it right on time for the golden hour. The sun was setting, the breeze was nice and relaxing and it was the perfect mini escape from the apartment.

Hopefully next time I get some pics of Koko when she’s awake 🙂

love, m

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