If You Like Pina Coladas, and Cuddle Nights with Chick Flicks

Date nights with my girls are always a must. I read somewhere (and don’t ask me where) some time ago, “Treat you boyfriend like your friend, and you friendships like a relationship, and they’ll both be better for it.”

Sometimes, being too on top of a boyfriend adds strain, the last thing they need is someone nagging all the time, and if you relax and try not to judge every aspect of their being (what they did, what they said, what they didn’t do, what they didn’t say) you’ll get along a lot more. Being in a relationship is supposed to be about having a person who always has your back, and wants to spend time with you. And who want’s t0 spend time with you, when you’re being a party pooper?

From time to time, when us girls are so emotionally invested in our men, we forget that our friends even exists. We cancel plans, we forget what’s going on each other’s lives and bonds loosen. Making date nights with girl friends are essential. Treat them good, because they just may last longer than your fling.

This time, Judy and I had a lot of catching up to do. Now that Jud is a momma, I understand how hectic life can be, and me, that I’m always on the move, it gets a little tricky for us to make time for each other. It was time to make it happen, we ordered some Piña Colada’s and started spilling our guts.

Omg… so much drama… I swear we should have our reality show. After the drinks, guacamole, splurging on wine we headed to mi casa. It was chick flick night, and we were cracking up watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. The part where the women pull each other’s neck back when taking a picture, was too real! (Maybe I should start trying that)

love, minxinx