Family: All About Koko

This weekend was all about babies. My nephew Tristan and niece Khloe were visiting abuelos house, a place where my brother Lu insisted that they could do whatever they want, break a window and everything will be okay. That’s when my mother yells from the other room ” Yeah, right!”

The weather was nice, it was bright and sunny, and you know me, ready to snap away. Tris and I were rocking  our matching curls, and my dad was grilling away. I’m always in the mood for burgers, and when I was caught frying an egg to add to mine, my father looked at me like I was weird, little did he know how delicious it was, and mami agreed. My next burger (because why would I only have one?) included avocado and adding a little bit of ranch sauce, Kiki was a fan.  Damn, I wish I had one of those right now.

Today was all about Khloe, Koko was being passed around from one pair of arms to the next. I was especially happy when Kiki’s girlfriend Taimane made an appearance. We all tend to get together on weekends, but she usually tends to hide under a rock, something I wish she wouldn’t do. We’re all here together, let’s get together.

Tonight was great, we played parchessi, like we do almost every time, and I lost, terribly. Once we played dominoes though.. everyone got an ass whipping. 

My pops with his grand-daughter & me with my nephew, matching curls and all