Makeup Haul with Mary Ann

I love me some MaryAnn!

We’ve been making plans for some time now, and they never seem to come through. Life I guess. This time, we were finally following through. Mary Ann met me at the bar, where we exchanged about 8 hugs in a row. I really did her miss her, we had so much to talk about, I love it when we get together and this time it was no different.

We wanted to go somewhere fun and decided on a strip club. We were trying to beat the cover charge and we only had about 18 minutes to get there… we were 22 minutes away. We ran so fast and managed to get there 3 minutes late, no strip club for us. We rather spend the money throwing it at the girls instead of having to pay to get in. So we rescheduled that notion, headed to get some grub instead.

We split a bowl of Chipotle, pretty glad I did too, because I would have been so full this time around with so much food, and I think everyone knows how much I love food. Those beers filled me up, that’s what it was.We passed by a Duane Reade where I was telling M, that I wasted like 15 bucks during my lunch break just stacking up on makeup that I know I do not need. Wet and Wild was having a huge buy one get one 50% off, and I love me some Wet & Wild makeup. They’re super affordable and work amazingly. I stacked up on some matted lippies, a setting spray, a matte powder, a couple of eye liners and gel nailpolish. We walked in and it was googly eyes all over they’re section of the store. I ended up spending like $20 more. Ugggh, the temptation.

M and I have it official, we need to spend more time together. Every Wednesday will be our date night, and I can’t wait to see all the things we come up with.

Oh, let me tell you though, that nailpolish though… I need to go back for more colors.

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