Desirables: April 2016

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Now that I feel like an old hag, I feel like everything in my closet is outdated and doesn’t reflect my new bound age. I want to feel like a grown up, and all  my raggedy t-shirts aren’t doing the trick. I’ve been wearing long pencil dresses lately, and I’ve been feeling good with myself, especially with all these curves I all of a sudden realize I have. These dresses above are simple and minimal, and can work for day time and night time. I figure, throw a nice blazer on top for work, while wearing some hose and tall black boots, and for night time, just throw on a nice statement necklace and throw on some pumps…taaa-dah!

I’ve been working on more digital sketches lately, especially during my hustle and bustle commute of a New Yorker, those long train rides. My finger is a fat piece of a thing, so sometimes being precise gets a bit annoying and leads to shake hands or a lot of mistakes. These stylus’s above seem to be my favorite so far, but I just keep thinking do I want to drop a $100 right now. No, not really, but if someone wants to get me a nice present… boom!

I’ve been itching for a new bike like crazy, mostly one that folds. I’ll be easy to store and I can pretty much take it anywhere. I finally took the plunge and purchased the Miami bike from I loved the powder blue and had a rear rack installed, which has come in handy. I know I have to get a helmet, which I think is super goofy to wear, but safety comes first. I bumped into this helmet that’s discretely keeps you safe while looking like a cap. So cute. I need this in my life.

I need all of these in my life!

love, m

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