Chivo Para Los Chicos

It’s Easter!

Last night was a late night spent playing poker, so I woke up a bit on the late side, not that there was any rush. I had no plans today but to spend some time with my family. Mami was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, chivo (goat),  which everyone always loves. She’ll spend the whole day in the kitchen, and she doesn’t even eat it, what a trooper.

My brother Luis arrived, in the greatest mood, well, why wouldn’t he, it’s his birthday! We’re six days apart, and when we were younger we always used to bicker and fight about who was the oldest sibling. He never cared that technically I was older, but because he was a boy, he was the big brother. Now that we’re so damn close to thirty, we all want to the be young ones. Damn three years away from 30, time goes by so fast, I still feel like 17 years old sometimes.

Mami baked us some cupcakes, and everyone started to sing us happy birthday. I of course had mine with no frosting, because, yuck… frosting.
love, m

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