Influenster: L’Oreal Cleansing Balm Review

If you haven’t heard about Influester yet, you’re slacking. You sign up, and they randomly send your surveys to see if you qualify for their next treat. If you do, you’re sent something free in a box and all you have to do is review it on your social media. This is about my forth box, I’m gotten everything from lipstick, nail polishes, cookies, tea, etc. It varies, I’ve seen others get gym wear from Victoria’s Secret, and one of my favorites has to be the YSL mascara that I received, I loooved it, and used it about every single day.

This time, I was given L’Oréal’s Ever Pure Cleansing Balm.

I’ve had my hair straight for like a week and a half already, so I knew it was time to wash and get rid of all the dirt that was living in my scalp. Since my hair is naturally curly, and I usually wear my hair in a curly afro I don’t use shampoos. I co wash with conditioners because curls rely on moisture.

I didn’t necessarily read the label before I hoped in the shower, I just went in and went for it. Little did I know that this cleanser is 6 in 1. I hate those… I absolutely hate products that are multi purpose for hair. I feel like I’m being cheapened out and given a lazy girl’s hack.

*Cleanse   *Treat   *Soften  *Condition  *Detangle  *Shine

Those were the six. there was minimum suds, and the smell was nice, it kind of reminded me of Eucalyptus a bit. It smelled like it was refreshing, but my scalps didn’t feel that tingly mint feeling you’re supposed to feel. I honestly hated the pump, I thought it was annoying, especially because I like to use a lot of product. I did notice that my hair felt just a tad bit oilier, I guess it has it’s own way of trying to give you back the natural oils that your hair has when it’s stripping it when cleaning, I guess that’s where the “shine” comes into play.

Once my hair was dry I did appreciate the shine in my big fro, my hair is clean and it’s sulfate free, so that was good.

Overall, I would say that I would use this product again, though I might go out and buy the Ever Curl instead. I rather have something that’s destined to work with my curls instead of something that’s just for color treated hair. I mean my hair is color treated, but I’ve been backing away from dying. It’s a good product, but for own my mental sanity, I’ll probably still use conditioner after it.

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I have received this product for free for testing. I in no way have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

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