Man Up with Some Wine

I haven’t seen Nikki since we got back from Europe. So much has happened, and a lot of things haven’t happened as well. That’s life isn’t it? We had some catching up to, and Nikki and I did it all while stuffing our faces with tostitos.

We needed some wine, and when we headed to the liquor store, we ended up having to make a second trip because they didn’t take credit. What? Who doesn’t take credit nowadays?

2 bottles of wine later, we got all comfy in bed and put on a chick flick. I honestly put on the first one Netflix recommended, so “Man Up” it was. Lake Bell is way too funny. This movie only made me realize how hard it is to be dating now a days, and a part of me is grateful that I don’t have to deal with that burden or constant microscoping of anything or everything that is done. Relationships come with their own hurdle of course, but I think the constant worry of trying to impress someone is mentally exhausting.

Girls night in tends to be my favorite. Thanks for coming over, m