Fort for the Birthday Girl

What do you want to do for your birthday? He asks me, I stop and think and I honestly don’t even know.

I didn’t want to go out dancing or anything like that, secretly all I wanted to do was spend a nice day in. I wanted to be all cozy, lazy with him and just drink wine all day.

Every and any time I attempt to watch a romantic movie while he’s around, I automatically hear snoring. He just won’t have it. Either it’s sports or an action film. So I’ve learned to indulge in my corny movies when he’s already asleep. This time, being my birthday and all, I was set in building a fort in the living room and watching chick flicks all night.

“Don’t come back if it’s not with wine!” he chuckles and brings back home 2 bottles. Oooeee! We chopped up some avocados and cheese to pick on that paired perfectly.

I have to admit, building the fort I was getting a little antsy. It seemed like it wasn’t staying up, and my frustration was starting to show. Chris took over and kept telling me to relax, and with good reason because we got it up, and all of a sudden I was all smiles. I picked my all time favorite movie “Serendipity“. When I was younger I had this movie on DVD, I think I scratched the hell out of it, from how many times I played it back to back.

I was so happy knowing he actually stayed awake… that alone made my birthday the absolute best.

Sometimes you don’t need much, I’m so grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life. It’s the little things that mean the most to me, and this birthday was everything I, m