PCOS, Laser Hair Removal & City Photography, What!?

Anyone who has met me, knows that I carry my camera with me everywhere.

I’ve recently invested in Laser Hair Removal treatments. Ever since I found out I have PCOS, I’ve been more insecure about body hair, more usual than considered normal, especially by a woman, Not that women don’t already have enough pressure to be perfect already. I have scars from removing hair the wrong way for years, and this is me trying to slowly correct it. I’ve decided to treat my neck which is my huge problem area, and since I was already willing to go under laser, I splurged for  my bikini  line as well. Might as well make those summer months a little easier to handle.

This is only my second session, and though it may not be dramatic, I have already seen changes in the way my hair grows back. Laser Hair removal targets the hair follicles by the roots, so you’re advised to let your hair grow out naturally for about 6 weeks and then right before your appointment, shave. Whaaaat, I was so upset when I heard that, not only do I have to let this bush grow out, especially on my face (which makes it hard to look at people in the eyes) but I had to put a razor to my face, something I have never done and didn’t want to start doing. Hair has to be closest to the skin’s surface with the root still in tact, so I sucked it up and went for it.

On my first session, I was a bit nervous, after reading many reviews, I noticed many complained it was painful, some had great experiences, and some had scars after it going all wrong. I guess you can see why I was all over the place. The technician that was assigned to me made everything a bit more easing. I laid out on the table and spread my legs.

As I mentioned, I’m only on my second session, so I have about 7 more to go, so far, everything has been going great, it’s quick and easy and absolutely not painful. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. So, moving on.

After my appointment, I rummaged into my purse, taking out the lens that I almost never get to use, my Canon’s 75-300mm. Since I barely use my Canon any more, it’s sadly collecting dust in my room, I purchased an adapter and use it my Sony a6000 whenever I have the chance to take my time and actually pace my shooting. I love taking pictures of people in their natural state, I love how natural emotion shines through, something you don’t get with posed photography. I may be the creep in the corner ( a real far away corner) but I love the outcome of the candids I get. This couple below us, was super sweet, he was singing her love songs and looked like he was just so happy to be there with her. There was a mother daughter duo on the carousel that I ended up giving my business card to, hey, I’m not stingy when it comes to my shots, I have no problem sharing them, she looked surprised at first and then it turned it to be genuine grateful, which I was happy about.

Not everything was good moods though, some were sad, like the lady in the corner who needed some help. I’ll admit, as a New Yorker, I’m not the most trusting, I’ve seen plenty of homeless people scam their way into coming home to more cash than I make a night. I told myself I would give her a buck anyway, as soon as I made my way around the fence that was holding back, once I did, she was gone.

My walk around Bryant Park was nice and relaxing, I walked into a show store, since I’m such an addict. I walked away with empty hands, I’ve been on the hunt for some nice oxfords, you know the shoe of the working people. I haven’t had much luck, with both the shoe and being a working person.signature

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