Drink & Draw : Pooch for the Win

I originally wanted to start this off by saying… “All I do is drink and draw ” just to show off how clever I think I am. Not. I haven’t been much of a drinker lately. Usually I would have at least a glass of wine a day, and on those moments where I was really stressed, the big glass comes out.

I noticed I still had a voucher for a Drink & Draw event that’s held at the Living Gallery, and told myself I was going to force myself out of bed today and actually do something I enjoy. I’ve been so stuck on filling out job applications and updating this website. The computer screen is blinding me from hours at a time. I needed an excuse to get out and this was perfect.

I took my chances and messaged my new boyfriend Ashley to see if she wanted to spend some time with me. Lately we’ve been bonding more, which I freaking adore. I love when friends come over and we do nothing but  play catch up all day. Luckily for me, she was just getting out of work, and was all mine for the night.

I didn’t even tell her what we were going to be doing, just gave her an address and told her to meet me there. Turns out she was more than prepared, her purse was filled with a huge sketchbook and her infamous color pencils. I guess that’s an artist life for you, constantly prepared for when a strike of genius hits you. I was pretty excited when I walked in to the class and noticed we had a male model. Last time I was here with Oli we had a woman, which was great, but since I draw women all day every day, I wanted a bit  more a challenge, stretch out some of those masculine muscles in my artwork. I know I need some help when it comes to the male body, so this was perfect. Can I just say,  I loved that out model was chunky, it made drawing him so much more fun. In my opinion, when I have to draw a petite person, my drawings look more bland. Since I’m more of an illustrator with a comic style, I get to exaggerate quirks, which is always fun for me. His pooch was perfect and almost all of my sketches ended up with a big belly. hahaha.

His beard was pretty dope too, and his handle bar mustache made my cartoons look like a cool ass Santa Clause, oh, that’s just me that sees that?

I love Ash’s style, she’s much more realistic in her figures. Her sketches reminded me of an old sailor for some reason. I love how she mixes her colors. Like any other human on earth, we always like someone else’s work better than ours. We are our own worst critics. I’m paying her compliments and shes stroking my ego about how straight my lines are. We could  never win one.

I ended up bringing a bottle of wine with me, we only got to half of it, which only meant that we got to have more when we got back to my house. I cooked us some dinner, and we spent the night talking caca.

I want to start going to the figure classes more often, let’s see if I make that happen.IMG_0208

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