Beers and Paint, Making Friends at Bronx Brewery

When you’re kid, making friends is easy. You say something stupid, push someone on the swing, ask to play tag and next thing you know you guys are best friends. As an adult, meeting new people usually involved alcohol.

Isn’t life funny?

Chris and I wanted to get a few beers in, we picked up the game of Battleship and I got my ass handed to me twice, I finally made a comeback on our third try and I was hype!

When were playing, we started talking to some guys and next thing you know we’re all bonding over art. Old school graff writers at that. We mention how we just came back from Paris and one of them starts asking if I got to do any painting out there, something I really wanted to do, and didn’t. Tattoos came in to question next and it just reminded me that I didn’t get to do that either.
His next stop is Cuba, and I started smiling, because that’s all I seem to talk about lately. Cuba is next on my destination-wanderlust list. I have so many other places I want to visit, but right now Cuba seems to be it, at least for this year. I really want to visit before they start modernizing everything. I want that old school feel.

We were invited to their art studio and brought a case of beer along with us. The dj had the turn tables playing some freestyle and the dog Dexter was loving all the attention.

Chris ended up buying a cool Al Capone piece that was drawn on a subway map, a perfect piece to match another piece he bought last year painted by Soel.

Unexpected nights are the best, and meeting new people who share your same interest was just the cherry on top.signature

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