New Artwork: Mildred


AAAAAh, I’m excited!

I’ve been working on this sketch for a couple of days now. As you all know, I’m giving this website a whole makeover. It’s a work in progress, I have a lot more to do, but it’ll get there. I’m slowly fixing all the links, which include my outdated “bio” that I have re-named “her-story”, revamping the portfolio aspect of it, which is now separated by subject. All body art, digital sketches, canvas works, photography etc have all their own sections. Though it’s not done yet, it’ll get there. As for right now, I have used the new image I sketched digitally as  my new header (that’s my handwriting).. I even added this image on my Society Six shop, so you can have a custom made phone case, print etc. I have to re-vamp that shop as well. Progress, Minx, it’s all progress. You’ll be surprised at how many sticky notes I have surrounding my at home desk, annoying.

I titled this piece “Mildred”.

She’s supposed to be a self portrait of myself, tattoos and all. Though my name isn’t Mildred, I’ve always gotten picked on since it’s everyone thinks that’s what Milli is short for, that or Milagros. Not. Hahaha.

Well, we’ll speak soon, and stay tuned for everything else I’m working on.


Ps. That’s a new handwritten signature as well.

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