I Guess It’s All About Growth From Here On Out

Writing about something I do, what I’ve seen, what I’ve painted or photographed is great, yet there’s no real depth there. It’s been some time since I’ve rambled on, so here goes nothing.

Life, life is full of adventures, roller-coasters, feelings, it’s a hot mess and a lot of responsibility, but if you don’t take it one day at a time, then what are you really doing?

Every since I got back from Europe, I’ve been on the hunt for a new job. Yeah, I know…again. Either than arriving late to everything (something I really need to work on and feel like I’ve been doing better at), many times I feel like I’m not being challenged enough.

Let me explain, most of my previous jobs, I’ve come to realize only last for about a year and half, an awful habit I should break. I see it in two different scenarios why.

A) I don’t feel like there’s roam for growth anymore & B) I like to multi-task.

Once I start a new project I tend to learn things rather quickly, have no problem asking questions and like to fill my brain with everything as much as I can. Usually once that one year mark hits, I feel as if I have learned all I need to learn in the position that I currently hold and I want more. Which kinds of leads to boredom when there’s no upwards direction, just a standing still motion that makes me pretty sick. The multi tasking comes in to play with my daily tasks. I love working in a fast paced environments, handling more than one thing at a time, being productive, that’s what it’s all about. I don’t think I could work somewhere where I could hear the hand moving on the clock.

Hopefully I find something that fits my needs soon, and not only that, somewhere where my  excessiveness is appreciated.On another note, you may have noticed that this website has been looking a little bland lately. For some strange reason all of my images were mysteriously erased from a host that I use. So upsetting. I have stories and recollections that go back all the way to about 5 year years, going on 6. That’s a lot. Those are Christmases, sad love notes,  paintings that I’ve worked so hard at, travels from Paris, Atlanta, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, and many other places, sooooo many memories, just vanished into thin air. I hate it.Now that everything is gone, I guess I have to turn it into a positive. I saved all the pictures that did happen to survive, and emptied out all of the media, giving me more space, and now that I know how to handle my blog better, I can prioritize and condense on the images that I do need. Aaaaaand I finally get to give my website the makeover that I  have been wanting to do for so long. So if you click on an old post, don’t get startled by all the “no image found”  posters that are every where, I’ll slowly and surely start continue to re-add images to fix them up, but that may take a while. (So glad I have all my images saved on my computer in folders by year, month etc. by the way)

So there’s that, looking for a new job, fixing the website, I’ve been painting a lot more as well. Which I missed dearly, now that I have all this free time, might as well be productive. So far I have started and finished 3 new canvases and have been commissioned for a logo that’s meant for a bakery/cupcake shop, which is baaam, done already. Go me!

I’ve been trying to be as constructive with my photography, but haven’t had the best of luck finding gigs, which is a bit annoying actually. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop me from perfecting my images that I shoot for myself, and of course, for you guys.

On an unrelated subject, socially I’ve been feeling bleh. I just don’t really feel like dealing with people at the moment. There’s not much of a particular reason, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but whatever. It’s my issue and I’ll get over it. I’m not necessarily phasing persons out, I’m just indifferent.

I’m focused on being productive, so there goes that long ass rant.

Later, signature


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