Bringing the Party to the States

Saturdays, lately are entitled to family.

This time my brother  Lu and his first born, my nephew, Tristan was in the house! As my dad’s first grandchild, this kid gets everything, and by everything I mean all the attention, he’s the whole damn show. I haven’t seen in him in quite a minute, and every time he sees me I feel like I’m a brand new face.

Hey, don’t be fooled, I was getting kisses in no time, we were running around the house like crazy. My sister Jula got upset because he kept pushing her away, surprisingly too, especially since almost every kid in the planet adores her.

My parent’s friend, Pedro came to visit and was telling stories about his recent trip to Santo Domingo. He participated in the annual festival for El Dia De Independencia, Independence Day. He showed up at the house with his costume in hand, and knowing me…. I was the first one to throw it on. Time to bring the party. Mami put on some music and I started dancing up and around. Jula pulled out her snapchat, and poor Tris was a little scared. As soon as I took the mask off to show that it was only Titi Milli, he seemed so relieved. My poor baby.Mami cooked an amazing meal for all of us, and when we were ready to take a group shot, we were all too busy laughing at how bad she refused wanting to jump in…. she still had her rolos (hair rollers) on.,M

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